Tuesday, 27 December 2011

5 Free Traffic Methods

Is it possible to get free traffic to your website? Yes! Not only is it possible, but you can also get tons of targeted traffic.
Using free traffic methods, you can expose your website or product by millions of people. Connecting with people who are looking for you is the challenge at hand.
The following are 5 ways of getting free traffic to your very own website!
Tip #1 – Content And Distribution
The more you share, the more traffic you will get. Submit articles to sites like eZines which will use and distribute your article. Try Youtube a give also! The more distribution, the more traffic!
Tip#2 – “SEO Traffic”
Search engine optimization is probably the most popular and best way to get consistent targeted traffic to your website. The only problem here is getting a good ranking! Check my other posts if want more info on how.
Tip #3 – Online Communities
Community websites are great as a free traffic source. By actively participating in discussions online you can drive a lot of traffic to your website. People participating in forums share many of the same problems. To be a part of the community in your niche would mean that you can share knowledge, learn, and stay motivated. You can be of service to others, and get plenty of traffic in return.
Tip#4 – Start Squidoo
As a marketer, squidoo will come in handy. It is loved by Google when it comes to search engine rankings. Anyone can post topics of their choosing on squidoo and the fast paced search engine results can drive in loads of traffic.
Tip #5 – Craigslist
With Craiglist, you can post up ads for free. Google loves Craigslist and your ads can be indexed within about twenty-four hours. Not only should you expect to see search engine results, but views from the many millions of visitors that visit Craiglist everyday.

Off Page SEO Strategies

All of us are aware now that field of Search Engine Optimization is booming with every day. People might be unaware that what they learnt yesterday might become absolute tomorrow. The only way not to log back in race of SEO, one has to update his knowledge regularly by reading SEO articles.
Being a SEO expert, I feel it’s our duty to make people/clients aware of some factors that deal with Offpage SEO. Most of things you might be aware of and some might be hidden treasure for you.
1). Community Creation in Social Networking Sites
2). Blogging
3). Forum Postings
4). Search Engine Submission
5). Directory Submission
6). Social Bookmarking
6). Link Exchange
7). Link Baiting
8). Cross-Linking
9). Photo Sharing
10). Video Promotions
11). Business Reviews
12). Local Listings & Yellow Page
13). Article Submission
14). Press Release Promotion
15). Classifieds Submission
16). Social Shopping Network
17). Answers
18). Document Sharing
19) CSS, W3C & RSS Directories Submission
20). Widget / Gadget Development
21). PPC Ad Campaign

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Affiliate Marketing Tip

My 1 Golden Tip…

I am going to start out with a huge bang and give you the one tip that changed my Internet marketing career. Ready?

Do something everyday to move your business forward.

Sounds pretty lame right? But take this to heart… starting tomorrow, do something everyday without fail to move your business forward. For example, if you are going the SEO route for a website, build at least five links everyday.

You don’t sleep until that is finished.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 2: Choose a plan and stay the course

The one thing about the affiliate marketing business is the fact that there is always a shiny new toy or technique that leads to riches.

The guys that make the real money using affiliate marketing are actually boring. They just studied their method to death so they know it like the back of their hand. Then they simple worked that plan daily.

When you switch to a new plan, you immediately lose. And that is why there is no such thing as easy online money.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 3: Build An Asset
The downfall of affiliate marketing is actually a few things.

You only make a percentage (sometimes small percentage of the sale)
You don’t build a list of customers
A list of paying customers is incredibly powerful because when you treat customers well, they really do come back again and again to buy.

So as an affiliate, you have to build a list. This list and the data you get form them is your asset. You can easily find what they want and then you can be the one to provide it to them.

Just keep in mind that being a product owner increases the responsibility and adds customer support.

Even if you never build your own product, having that list of people to email or write to on Facebook will let you market other affiliate products. That is how you can get a surge in income when you really need it.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 4: Diversify and Build More

When you are getting started, you have to build a lot of campaigns or sites. Not every site will work so the more you can pump out, the faster you will find the ones that do work.

This is what really stops people from getting going in the first place. The idea of doing all that work to have nothing workout is a horrible prospect. But think about it on the flip side… if you never try anything, you will never see that money you are going for and your business will not grow.

So build sites, start campaigns, track what happens and make changes according to those statistics.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 5: Test Like Crazy

There will be many sites that may never perform for you so you have to keep launching them. The biggest issue that I face is getting enough traffic to really test the site. But you should know pretty quickly if it’s worth your time.
So make sure you are always building new sites around interesting niches and products. While it has not happened to me yet, you may build a site and it will blow up quickly. Then you can really concentrate on that.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 6: Concentrate on the Winners

I highly suggest that after you have been at this for awhile, you concentrate on the winners and sell the smaller profiting sites.

This is how you can really grow your income. The sites that are making the most money now can probably be grown even bigger by expanding them and offering more. It’s not uncommon to triple your income pretty quickly if you do this.

Don’t waste time a site that may only make $1,000 a month when you can grow your $5,000 dollar a month site into a $10,000+ a month site much faster.

There are many other tips that I can help pass alone to you. Get a copy of how I went from zero to $3,000 a month in profit in less than 6 months. It chronicles my story and you can follow it.

It’s amazingly simple how I did it. Plus I’ll share with you a bunch of other great stories and honest reviews of products and ways to make your sites more profitable.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Why use affiliate marketing?

This blog answers the question why use affiliate marketing?

The site includes:

A comprehensive definition of affiliate marketing.
Impartial information on the various ways of using affiliate schemes.
The advantages and disadvantages of the types of affiliate scheme available.
All of this from the perspective of a merchant or affiliate.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

How To Improve Your Profit From Affiliate Marketing

However, affiliate marketers are not the same. There are those people who make thousands a month and there are those who are lucky if they can reach just a few dollars. The question is, why? So why do some affiliate marketers earn a lot more than the others? Let’s say they’re promoting the same affiliate products, still the gap between your big earners and the small earners are extremely wide. It all boils down to the techniques and strategies the marketers use. The key to affiliate marketing is finding a system that works then sticking with that technique and scaling up.

To help you increase your online make money from affiliate marketing here are some useful tips:

1 – Learn all the tricks of internet marketing. These include social media marketing, article marketing, blogging, and check engine optimization. The greater knowledgeable you are about these basic things, the greater effective you will be in internet affiliate marketing. The best affiliate marketers are the ones who are able to take advantage of all these marketing tools and employ them to promote then sell affiliate products. You should do exactly the same.

2 – Set up a website or a blog. This is very important most especially if you are promoting affiliate products and services from a certain niche. You will be using your blog or website to advertise products to targeted readers. A distinct segment blog or website is a lot easier to monetize than a general topic site. One advantage of a niche site is it allows you to grow a reader base that is most targeted. These will be visitors who are very thinking about the topics and contents of your site. Therefore, should you recommend a product or service, they are more like to buy it.

3 – Build a list. By using an opt-in form on your own website or blog it provides you with the opportunity to build a valuable list of subscribers who are interested in your particular topic or niche. This will allow you to drive more targeted visitors to any new offers than every other method.

4 – Sometimes, in order to make money, you will have to spend cash. The trick here is to invest that money in the right place in the right time. Let’s say you are planning to buy advertisements from blogs to advertise your own affiliate products. List of positive actions is find sites whose topics and contents are related to your affiliate products. You can’t just advertise on a blog because it has high traffic. The main focus of your attention ought to be on the relevance of the site to the product you are trying to promote.

5 – Find a marketing strategy that works then stick to it. The beauty of affiliate marketing is the fact that once you find an effective strategy, you can always scale it up to earn more profits. So find that strategy and scale it as being high as you can to maximize your online profits.

Monday, 17 October 2011

The Affiliate Lifestyle

I discovered that the REAL benefits that come from working at home and earning my living from the Internet are about much MUCH more than making a lot of money. It's about having the freedom to live your life as YOU choose.

How good would life be if you...

1-Could spend more time with family and friends.
2-Live wherever YOU want.
3-Throw the alarm clock away.
4-Take vacations when YOU chose.
5-Say goodbye to your terrible boss.
6-Never had to drive to work in a blizzard.
7-Play and exercise more.
8-Could build a REAL retirement plan.
9-Invest in your kids' education.
10-...live however YOU choose to live.
The benefits of working for myself far exceeded my hopes and dreams. Yup, that's a picture of me and my 'dream machine'. Nope, that's not about money, that's about having the time to truly savor the ride.

Friday, 14 October 2011

10 Amazing Affiliate Marketing Tips

1. Diversify your product portfolio

By advertising a wide variety of products for different companies, you secure your income . Why? Because you never know how long a certain product will continue to sell successfully.

2. Take one step at time

Begin with one website and a handful of relevant affiliate products. This will give you a chance to learn the ropes. Trying to start up too many sites and affiliate programs when you start out as an affiliate marketer can mean you don’t have enough time to dedicate to each one. Once you have found the winning formula you can repeat it over and over again.

3. Believe in your product

Make sure you test any product you promote thoroughly before you begin to sell it. By promoting it to your customers you are putting your reputation on the line so making sure the product does what it is supposed to do is just good business sense.

Check out the company selling the product you are promoting. Is their customer service up to scratch? Is their site professional and easy to navigate? Will they treat your customers as you would wish them to?

4. Send customers directly to sales page

If your affiliate link leads to a home page, your customers are going to have to search for the product, meaning a lower conversion rate and less commission for you. So, you need to select affiliate programs that link directly to the sales page for the product you are promoting.

5. Review your payment terms

Check out the payment terms of each affiliate program you join. What percentage can you expect to get from each sale? Will you be paid only for a sale, or will you get commission for each sales lead you generate?

6. Lifetime commissions equal lifetime profits

Try to find affiliate programs that have lifetime commissions. With a lifetime commission you receive a percentage of the sale price every time a customer you have recommended buys from the merchant site, whether they use your affiliate link or not.

7. Promote, promote and promote!.

You can have a great website promoting high quality affiliate products, and fantastic sales copy that would convince the most skeptical visitor to buy, but if you don’t have any traffic to your site you are not going to make a profit. Successful affiliates spend around 75% of their working hours on marketing and only around 25% on building, upgrading and improving their sites.

8. Sneaky or subtle?

Many internet users have become so accustomed to banner and sidebar links that they tend to ignore them. Others are reluctant to click on obvious affiliate links. Embedding subtle text links into your website content can make your customers feel they are simply moving to another page of your site and tend to attract more clicks.

The key to successful affiliate promotions is pre-selling on your site before the customer clicks on the link. This way when they click on the recommended link they are pretty much sold already.

9. Use your resources

When you join an affiliate program, check the company’s website to see if they have relevant articles for you to download and reprint. Including these articles on your site will increase your site content and you can include affiliate links at the top and bottom of the article.

10. Build a customer list

Just because you’re selling someone else’s product doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your own list of customers. The wealthiest affiliates build assets. It makes sense to build your own customer list rather than sending your traffic directly to the vendor’s website.

By building your own list of subscribers, you have the opportunity to build a relationship and promote products to them on a long-term basis.

This are the basics of building your affiliate marketing business, I hope you this tips help you will your affiliate marketing goals.